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Welcome to the 19th Annual AMCSI Conference in Atlanta, Georgia!

Full Conference Schedule Is Coming Soon... stay tuned!

Hyatt Regancy Atlanta
In Atlanta, Georgia | July 3 – July 6 • 2024

Annual Conference Events Include:
  • First Time Attendee Session
  • Medical Support/Information Sessions
  • AMC Peer Support Sessions
  • Children’s Programming
  • AMCSI Dinner
  • AMCSI Prom
  • Annual Public Meeting
  • Annual Group Photo
  • Annual Silent Auction
  • AMCSI Merchandise Store
  • Exhibitors


  • ALL children under the age of 18 MUST be supervised by an adult at ALL times. Due to the lack of volunteers, we are unable to provide childcare.
  • An individual aged 14 or older MUST remain in the Children’s Programming Room with your child(ren) during all Children’s Programming.
  • During Painting with Theresa please don’t let children ‘swim’ in the paint.
  • Badges MUST be worn to all conference sessions, including prom, and activities. AMCSI reserves the right to deny entrance to conference events to individuals lacking conference ID badges. This is for the safety and security of all Attendees. You may be asked to return to your guestroom to get your badge. PLEASE wear them at all times in the conference area.
  • All children must be supervised by an adult at all times in the hotel. Children’s Programming is available during conference sessions but is not childcare. An individual aged 14 or older must remain with your child(ren) during all Children’s Programming.
  • Please use the hashtag #AMCatl24 when posting to social media!
  • The hotel elevators are for the use of all guests, children are not permitted to “play” on the elevators.
  • In being respectful of our presenters, individual conversations should be taken outside of the conference rooms during presentations.
  • Areas outside of the conference rooms are available should your child need your full attention while a speaker is presenting.
  • Please remember we are able to provide this conference through the generosity of our members and attendees.
  • Alcohol is NOT permitted at any conference event. Please visit one of the many establishments on the hotel property or Easton Town Center.
  • Attendees may not use the conference space after scheduled events have ended for the day.
  • As always, consult with your or your child’s physician before implementing any new ideas as a result of attending this conference.
  • Please remember that aside from your hotel room, all hotel areas are considered “Public Spaces” and individuals who are not a part of our conference may pass through. Please keep all belongings you bring to the meeting space with you at all times and be aware of those around you.
  • All Attendees agreed to abide by the code of conduct at registration. AMSCI reserves the right to enforce the code of conduct.

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