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Happy AMC Awareness Day!

AMCSI Conference Scholarship

This AMCSI Conference Scholarship is made possible by a generous donation from a member of our community. The donor wished to remain anonymous. We are so grateful to have the opportunity to award another attendee this scholarship.

The AMCSI Conference Scholarship will be awarded to a family in our AMC community. The grant will cover registration costs, lodging, and travel to the 19th Annual AMCSI conference in Atlanta, Georgia. This conference scholarship is available to an adult with AMC and one immediate member of their family. (Spouse, caregiver etc) Travel (airfare/gas mileage) to Atlanta will be reimbursed to the selected family once receipts are submitted.


  • Applicant must reside in Canada
  • Applicant must be a member of AMCSI
  • Applicant must have arthrogryposis multiplex congenita
  • Applicant must be 18 years of age or older
  • Applicant must be a first-time attendee of AMCSI’s annual conference.
  • Applicant must be an active participant in the annual conference

AMCSI Scholarship Application Is Now Closed

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