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Happy AMC Awareness Day!

Giving Tuesday December 3rd, 2024

Giving Tuesday is a global movement that encourages communities to give, collaborate, and celebrate generosity. Giving Tuesday falls on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving and aims for communities all over the world to give to charitable organizations. This day serves as a great reminder to encourage family and friends to give back to their favorite charities in any form, amount, or way that they can. By supporting AMCSI on #GivingTuesday you are helping fund future conferences, meetings, grants, scholarships, and research studies. Our annual AMC conference provides an invaluable medical and support resource to hundreds of families around the world.

To give the gift of time please fill out our volunteer form.

You can find more information & promotional ideas for giving tuesday at
Participate In Giving Tuesday

Your support during Giving Tuesday will help AMCSI in the coming year with tools to help spreading awareness for arthrogryposis. In addition, donations will go toward helping AMCSI with the following:

Our Annual Arthrogryposis Conference hosts over 600 attendees from across the US, Canada, South America, and Europe. Your donation helps keep registration fees low and fund children’s programming.

AMCSI will further expand our social media outreach to enable communication among individuals via Facebook, Twitter and the continued expansion of our support website.

AMC families can apply for a grant to facilitate “mini meet-ups”. The mini meet-ups are regional informal gatherings, held across the United States, bringing together many AMC’ers and their families. The gatherings enhance the community experience by making connections with other local AMC’ers and allowing for the sharing of support and information in a small, intimate setting. College Scholarship Grants are also available for graduating HS Seniors or continuing education students with AMC.

AMCSI will continue its campaign to provide education to care providers and new families. AMCSI is currently developing informational packets for Neonatal Intensive Care Units and various health care settings, to be distributed across the United States. The informational packets provide new parents, medical professionals and individuals with arthrogryposis support, education and a community of resources.

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