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Testimonials & Feel-Good Stories

Sokme samples from the AMC Community about how AMCSI has helped them through grants, scholarships, conferences!

Read their Testimonials & Feel-Good Stories!

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The Fisher's photo of their child for their holiday grant testimonial.

“We have been members of AMCSI since 2012. Our daughter Red was born with Arthrogryposis multiplex congenita. We’ve been blessed to attend the annual conference since she was 5 years old. She just turned 18. The pandemic stole 2 years of conferences. This past year has paid a huge toll on our finances. We’ve also had a lot of medical and personal stuff going on. Both of our older cars have taken turns being in and out of the shop. At one point they were both unusable. We were drowning in debt. We put our pride aside and applied for the holiday grant. We were very surprised and appreciative when we found out we had gotten it. It took a lot of stress off of us. We were able to get stuff we needed as well as be able to buy her a couple of things. It was the lift we needed to get us back on our feet. We couldn’t have done it without this grant from AMCSI <3 This organization has blessed us in so many ways. Physically, emotionally and now financially. We look forward to being able to go to conference again this year, we especially enjoy volunteering our time as well.”

~ The Fisher’s


“When I saw that the testimonials & feel-good stories had open forms I knew it was time for me to share my story because the community really has changed me in a great way.

Originally, I didn’t have any self-intentions when going to the conference, other than to go, meet a few people, and just have fun. Going I did not do any research other than purchasing my ticket. Before this, my AMC community was small and limited to two people, whom I already did not talk with much. Growing up my resources and community were nothing and I was never told great things about the AMC community in general. My mental health at the time was rapidly declining and I didn’t know why so I figured I would at least connect with a few people whom I could relate with.

The first conference I went to was the 17th annual in Orlando, I had just turned 18, the conference was in my home town so I easily could get there. In the first 45 minutes of me being at my first conference, my entire perspective of the entire community changed. I was greeted, introduced to many, and shown around as it was kind of intimidating. The positive energy and warmness that just poured out was unbelievable, I immediately knew I was in the right place. The entirety of the conference was so informative, I learned so much more than I intentionally thought I would, and confirmed for me that I was in the right spot of connection, love, and support. After the conference was over I knew I just had to go the next year.

The 18th annual conference in Ohio opened me to a whole new level of acceptance I felt. Going to this conference I had intentions, I wanted to find resources, hear others’ experiences, make forever connections, and really open myself up to better mental health resources, and that is exactly what I was able to do. I finally felt “home” enough to let others in and be open. I will forever say this but there seriously is not another group of people I will stay up till the sun comes up with just talking and bonding. Hearing others’ stories, experiences, tips, etc., and bonding with the right people helped me find self-acceptance and realize I will never be alone and my resources are right here in this family of the AMC community. The energy and comfort I felt around every. single. person. was unmatched and I can not express how grateful I am for this community that I call family. The annual conference will be something I no longer miss, I will be there, to share, to listen, and connect.

“Remember, this isn’t goodbye, this is see you later. <3”

~ Kylee


“To say it’s been difficult to find the words to talk about this experience is an understatement. I was gifted the opportunity to attend a conference on Arthrogryposis (AMC), the condition I was born with. I never met anyone in person with AMC until this trip that I was so blessed to have received! I have really been unable to put into language what this incredible trip has brought me. Community, friendship, education, resources, self-acceptance, memories, hugs, some of the rawest love i’ve ever witnessed & felt to name a few. I received more hugs during this trip than I have in the past year.. The people in this community love BIG and I can’t explain how much my heart has been filled by them all. The way this community has loved and uplifted me is unmatched. I have been terrified with planning my medical future alone and this has given me HOPE. This experience has truly taken my heart and ran with it. I’m so immensely grateful to have made it in those rooms, to those that made this happen for me, and to all that made this whole conference possible in general.. There are truly no words I could use to explain what you’ve done for me and my heart and my FUTURE, but thank you a million times over.. See you next year!”

~ Kahzryn

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