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It’s all about movement & what that means to you!
Join us any way you can!

What Our 253 With ME Team Means To Us:

What Our Paint & Play Team Means To Us:

2 miles of movement (this can be in a power chair getting sunshine, so I have a video of a kid walking in leg braces, another one on the treadmill, and another video of a power chair outside)
5 painted rocks (to be left around town or sold with proceeds going to AMCSI), and
3 paintings (can’t leave those around town, but can be gifted or sold)

What Our Dylanns Dash Team Means To Us:

What Our TBSDesigns Team Means To Us:

We wanna hear from you!

What does your 253 For AMC movement mean to you? You can take a short video from your phone and email it directly to us & we will post your video on this page.

Email us today at:

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