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Welcome to the 19th Annual AMCSI Conference in Atlanta, Georgia!

AMC & Me Sponsors

AMC & Me Sponsorship Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita (AMC) affects 1 in 3,000 births. Kids affected are born with deformities in various joints because of tight tendons and low muscle tone. […]

AMC & Me Speakers

Speakers Dr. Harold van Dr. Lindley Ani founder and superstar AMC mom David SolanoInspirational speaker and coach Aimee WehmeierParaquadLocal advocates & community…/guest-column-st-louis-business More will be announced […]

AMC & Me – Join/Create A Team

Steps To Join/Create A Team We invite you to reate awareness about Arthrogryposis & fundraise to benefit AMCSI To Create/Join A Team: Please click on this link AMC & Me […]

AMC & Me – Testimonials

Testimonials & Feel-Good Stories Sokme samples from the AMC Community about how AMCSI has helped them through grants, scholarships, conferences! Read their Testimonials & Feel-Good Stories! CLICK HERE o view […]

AMC & Me

Run, Walk or Roll For Arthrogryposis Awareness

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