Lower Extremities

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 Common Lower Extremity Characteristics:

  • Common contractures of the legs present at birth
  • Clubfeet or vertical talus,
  • Dislocated hips,
  • Externally rotated femurs
  • Flexion or extension contractures Of the knees

 Courses of Treatment:


Occupational Therapy (OT) and/ or Physical Therapy (PT) should begin as soon as possible to increase passive range of motion (ROM). This can be done through a clinic or at home with your local Early Intervention Provider. Either way you should be taught stretches to do at home with your child. The first year is crucial to gain range back in any joint. Here are some representative common stretches to try. Always speak to your child’s health care professional before starting any kind of new routine.  Read more about different Types of Therapy.


A therapist should evaluate and identify joints requiring therapeutic attention, and then teach the caregiver how to correctly stretch the joints. The caregiver should practice stretching under supervision to insure proper technique to prevent accidental injuries, and to under exercise expectations. Issues such as previous surgeries, medication, bone density, etc., must be considered. Ranges of motion (ROM) exercises are individualized for each persons’ needs and should be directed by a therapist or a doctor. When performing stretches with a child, it is important to have the activity be fun and functional. Action songs, feeding, and dressing activities are all opportunities to naturally encourage upper body ROM activities.

Examples: Range of Motion and Other Exercises


We are researching orthotic management  and surgeries for lower extremities. Please check back soon.



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