• PlaySkinLift is an assistive garment for young infants with weakness or movement limitations.  Directions to make Playskinlift – Manual. Follow on Facebook SuperSuits.
  • Magic Arms is a gravity-balancing, exoskeletal device that’s been proven to work on over 100 kids so far. Our goal is to make this technology available to every child who needs it. By giving kids arms that defy gravity, we can empower them to feed themselves, reach for their toys, put on their socks, blow bubbles and hug the people they love.  Learn more: Magic Arms
  • WREX was developed for people with neuromuscular weakness such as muscle disease, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis that affect upper limbs, WREX acts as a functional aid in activities of daily living. It can also serve as a cost effective exercise/therapy device for people recovering from a stroke. The WREX can be attached to most common wheelchairs and mobility seating systems utilizing one of the three Mount Bases provided with the arm. Learn more: Wrex
  • Angel Arms, L.L.C. emerged from a graduate level biomedical engineering design course at Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The graduate students, Joseph Kissing and Brooks Schaefer, originally collaborated with a single child, Lylah Gritter, and her mother, Holly Gritter, to develop a device to assist the motion of Lylah’s arms. The website contains a free download of the plans for a 3D printer. Learn more: Angel Arms


We are in the process of collecting Adaptive Equipment.

Do you have adaptive equipment that we can put on the website to help others ?  Email Us

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