Special Issue: Interdisciplinary Care for Arthrogryposis

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This Special Issue, on Interdisciplinary Care for Arthrogryposis, highlights a collection of articles spanning topics in interdisciplinary care, genetic discoveries, and clinical research. An international group of clinicians and researchers from various backgrounds who attended the “3rd International Symposium on Arthrogryposis”, held in Philadelphia, September 24–26, 2018, were invited to contribute to this issue. The goal of the 2018 Symposium and of this Special Issue is to provide momentum to advancing evidence‐based practice and research in arthrogryposis, by working collaboratively with adults and families of children with arthrogryposis, clinicians, and researchers. The contents of this issue cover a range of topics from defining and classifying arthrogryposis multiplex congenita to early detection, rehabilitation, and orthopedic management, advances in genetic pathways, patient registries, autopsy guidelines, and research findings in the pediatric and adult populations with arthrogryposis. We hope that this issue provides an overview as well as new knowledge on arthrogryposis to generate more conversations at the international level, and advance care and research for individuals with arthrogryposis.

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