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Are you excited to know there is research occurring to help improve the lives of people like you or your loved one with arthrogryposis? Get involved and stay connected to what’s happening with arthrogryposis research and the arthrogryposis community!

The research team’s collective desire, as adults with AMC, is to offer the most innovative global research on what to expect as we age. Currently, there are more questions than we have answers, and the quantity of AMC-specific research available to us today is shockingly low. We aim to change that.


You are invited to participate in the Adult AMC registry if you have been diagnosed with arthrogryposis and are over 19 years old. In this registry, people with arthrogryposis will enter data online every year, so that we (patients, researchers, clinicians) can begin to learn what the key challenges are for adults living with arthrogryposis.

You can learn more about the research at


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