Dr. Judith Hall by Nalini Blumer-Buell

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Dr.  Judith Hall has been interested arthrogryposis since the mid 70’s.  I was so happy to be able to talk with her.  Our conversation started out with questions about my story.  I have arthrogryposis mainly in lower extremities.

Dr. Hall is a medical geneticist.  Her interest in arthrogryposis started when a set of twin men came to her office.    One was severely affected in is arms.  The other was not affected.    Throughout her career she has worked in Shriner’s.  She has been to the clinics Spokane Washington, Portland, Oregon and Honolulu Hawaii.  

All the research she has done has been documented in articles that can be found in a different section f website.    I was interested to read all about others like me.    We are all unique but we do not give up.

Thank you Dr. Hall for all your time given to researching arthrogryposis.  It was a pleasure to talk with you.

by Nalini Blumer-Buell


Nalini passed away this year and never got a chance to see her article published.  She was so excited to talk to Dr. Hall.

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