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By: Mónica Ovalle & Ward Foley

I’m from Bógota Colombia and am 26 years old, I am a Physical Therapist, and oh, I also have Arthogryposis Multiplex Congenital in my legs. I’ve had eleven surgeries.
I believe the words that best describe me are “determined” and “persistent”. Since I was a little girl I had to go through difficult struggles, teasing and rejection but I never gave up. Even today I know to continue to move forward no matter how hard life can be and I fight every day to be better than yesterday.
For many years I felt no one understood me, until one day, three years ago I met someone with my same condition. From that day, I decided to spend my life helping others in my profession as well as giving hope to those like me and others facing every day challenges.
One day I saw on Facebook a picture that caught my attention. It was a little boy with a doll in which he drew his scars on. I loved it, so I asked his mom where she got it. She suggested for me to write to someone nicknamed Scarman. After sharing many stories over the phone, Scarman sent me dolls and coloring books to people with AMC in my country.
After about two years of talks our friendship grew a lot and in the midst of our conversations I told him I would love to do what he does, help people, give love and hope to those who really need it. He then invited me to spend time with him and his family in the United States. A few months later I arrived in Kansas. I have been learning a lot about what he does, traveling with him and meeting many wonderful people who are now part of my life.
Now, I am Scargirl, like Scarman. because I want and will continue to help other with any kind of scars.

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