Great American AMC Road Trip

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Alone we a rare, together we are strong. For the last few years I’ve been organizing special campaigns for AMC awareness in the month of June. It all started with posting inspirational photos, one a day in June to inspire children with AMC. Last year it was videos of how I do things, you know, My Way. Me, using my own life and experiences to help people with AMC and raise awareness As I said before I have AMC, but most people won’t know there are over 400 different types, most times not even doctors will know this, and it affects all of us and our families in different ways. How can I show all of that just from my own life? Well, the simple answer is, I can’t! But as I always say DREAM BIG. So this year I wanted to try something a ¨little¨ bigger. The national AMCSI (AMC Support Inc.) conference is in Las Vegas on the 28th of June 2017, and on my way to the conference I’m going to start on the east coast in Washington D.C and travel almost 3,500 miles by car and visit a family a day for the whole month of June. Tell their stories, how AMC has affected their lives and try to help them chase their dreams their way while creating awareness. I’m hoping to use social media, radio and even Tv if I can, to get the message out there, You’re not alone, we’re here, everywhere. I´m hoping to hold fund raisers along the way, I would love if those to be for AMCSI. Any help would be hugely appreciated, a place to stay for the night, Maybe you know someone who works for radio or Tv along my route, (soon to be posted to my page). Thank you in advance for any help. And I’d like to finish how I started, with a quote. Awareness is like the Sun. When it shines on things, they are transformed. – Thich Nhat Hnah –

Misha Walker

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