13th Annual AMCSI Conference – FAQs


Why is AMCSI Charging a registration fee?

Due to the phenomenal growth of our organization, and the continually rising costs of hosting the conference, the Board of Directors of AMCSI has deemed it necessary to charge a registration fee per person to attend our annual conference. This year’s registration fee includes your conference registration, conference T-Shirt, and the annual dinner for each registered attendee. We have opted for an “All Inclusive Registration” to streamline the registration process for both attendees and our volunteers.



Who has to register?

Anyone who will be attending or participating in ANY AMCSI functions, including but not limited to sessions, AMC prom, or dinner, must be registered for the conference. This includes, but is not limited to, friends, personal care assistants, nurses, extended family, etc. This is for the safety and security of our attendees. Children (anyone under the age of 18) MUST be registered with an adult.

If I am an Individual Member, can I bring additional family members/friends at member rates?

Since you do not have a family membership, any additional registrations would be at the non-member prices. Consider joining with a family membership!

Example: I am an adult with AMC and will be bringing my caregiver who is not an AMCSI member.

Register 1 AMC Adult ($0 thanks to Project Scissor Gait Foundation!) and 1 Adult Non-Member ($85) = Total $85 + applicable EventBrite fees

We have a family membership, can we register our children as members?

If you have a family membership, your membership includes two adults and any minor children in the family. Therefore, your children can be registered at member rates.

Example: I am bringing my spouse and two children (one with AMC). We have a family membership of AMCSI.

Register 1 AMC kids ($0 thanks to Project Scissor Gait Foundation!) and 2 Adult Member ($70 each) and 1 Kid Member ($50) Total $190 + applicable EventBrite fees

My child holds a lifetime membership, but I am not a member. Can I register under my child’s membership?

If your child holds the membership in their name, only your child can register as a member. You and your second child would need to register at NON Member rates. (Consider a Family Membership! https://amcsupport.org/become-a-member/)

Example: I am bringing my child with AMC and my other child without AMC. We have a child membership with AMCSI only for our child with AMC.

Register 1 AMC kid ($0 thanks to Project Scissor Gait Foundation!) and 1 Adult Non-Member ($85) and 1 Kid Non-Member ($60) = Total $145

We have a family membership, but our child is over the age of 18.   Can they register under our family membership?

No.  If your child is 18 or over, they are no longer considered a Minor Child. They would need to hold their own membership to AMCSI in order to register as a member.

What is your refund policy?

All refund requests will be processed AFTER conference has ended. Refunds will include any EventBrite fees. Requests made via social media WILL NOT be honored. All refund requests must be made in writing and sent to bod@amcsupport.org. The date stamp on the email will determine the amount of refund according to the following schedule:

60+ days prior to July 4, 2018: Full Refund minus a $15 administrative fee*

59-30 days prior to July 4, 2018- 50% refund

29 days or less prior to July 4, 2018: No Refunds

*Cancellations for those with AMC will incur a nominal processing fee to cover the fees associated with Eventbrite and paypal.



At what hotel is the conference?

Hilton Columbus at Easton (More Information)

How much does the hotel room cost, and how do I get the group rate?

$129 + tax a night. Register for conference and after submitting you will receive a confirmation email with the link to book your room at the discounted rate.

How do I book my room with the group rate?

After you register for the conference, you will receive a confirmation email. In that email will be a link to reserve your hotel room. All you have to do is put you are an attendee, and the dates you wish to reserve. It automatically gives AMCSI’s room rate.

Can I use a debit card to reserve my hotel room?

Yes, you may use a debit card to reserve your room. However, debit cards will receive a $25 per day “hold” on funds which will be refunded 5-10 days after checkout by the hotel.

Can I cancel my hotel reservation?

Every hotel has different policies regarding room cancellations. Please contact the hotel directly.

Can my reservation include days before or after the dates of the conference?

The three days prior to the start conference (July 2, 2018 ) and the three days after conference ends (July 9, 2018) are called “Shoulder Dates.” Based on hotel availability, rooms may be booked at our discounted rates on these dates.

Is there a coin laundry on property?

Yes, there are laundry facilities located in the hotel.



Where will the sessions be held?

At the Hilton Columbus at Easton, 3900 Chagrin Drive, Columbus, Ohio, 43219 (More Information)

Is the conference a good place to bring siblings or should they stay home?

The WHOLE family is WELCOME to attend! We try to have sessions for everyone.

Why is there no Childcare provided this year?

With the attendance numbers going up each year, it is hard to find enough volunteers to help with childcare, as well as having a big enough space for this. We WILL provide a room for feeding, changing diapers, play, etc., but a parent or guardian MUST stay with the child/children.

We know childcare would be helpful, and we’ve tried to provide it at earlier conferences. There are a few issues the first is legal liability for AMCSI. If we provide childcare we must conform to state childcare regulations. We’ve tried to do this with volunteers, and were never able to provide the proper adult to child ratio. We also have looked into Professional services that provide children’s activities at conferences etc. Those services would cost over $30,000, more than our entire budget for the conference! To pass that cost on to the families in attendance would make the fees between $250-$300 per child per day, IF we have enough people willing to pay. (This is an average from four different providers.) We can, however, ask the hotel if they recommend a sitting service/nanny agency and individuals can contact them on their own/at their own risk. Another option would be to bring a friend/family member to serve as a “Mother’s Helper” during the event.

Since you don’t provide childcare, can my child attend the sessions with me?

Your child may attend the sessions with you; however, please know that some of the medical sessions may include photographs of medical procedures that a child may find disturbing. We also ask, that if your child needs your attention, you respect the speaker and attendees and care for them outside of the session room.

Is it ok for my family to stay at a different hotel?

AMCSI recommends that, if at all possible, you stay at the Hilton Columbus at Easton for several reasons. We have a contract with the hotel to fill a block of rooms at a discounted price in return for a lower hall rental fee. If AMCSI does NOT fill the contracted block during conference, we are charged a large fee. We have also heard from our families that have stayed at other area hotels in the past, that they felt they missed out on “family time.”

Will we get a list of those attending with their contact information?

AMCSI will not publish our list of attendees for privacy reasons but we do include a blank page in our program for you to write down contact info from families you chose to exchange that with as well as have an “I attended” thread on our forums after the conference for those who choose to participate.

When will AMCSI announce the location of the 13th annual conference?

AMCSI will not announce the location for the 14th annual AMC Conference until closing ceremonies of the 13th annual AMC Conference. This is, and will continue to be, an AMCSI tradition. Our conference crew is an all volunteer unpaid group that is working VERY hard on making 2018 a success. If we announced 2019 before the end of 2018, they would be bombarded with questions.

Why can’t I attend the sessions noted as “Moms, Dads, Grandparents, Siblings, Teens/Adults/Men/Women with arthrogryposis” with my spouse/teen/sibling?

To respect the privacy of individuals in these highly personal sessions, AMCSI tries to maintain an atmosphere of confidentiality and promote peer to peer connections during these sessions.

I am not comfortable allowing my tween/teen with arthrogryposis to attend the session without me. How can you reassure me that discussions are age appropriate?

We have adults with arthrogryposis serving as moderators in this session, this is to assure that topics discussed are age appropriate.



Does the airport/hotel have a shuttle?

This hotel does not provide shuttle service. The hotel is approximately 4 miles from the John Glenn Columbus International Airport. Taxis from the airport to the hotel are estimated at $25 each way.

Grand Wheelchair Transportation (614) 843-8422 http://grand-wheelchair-transportation.business.site/

COTA Mainstream (614) 275-5833; www.cota.com/Mainstream Eligibility: Individuals with a disability that prevents them from riding a regular COTA bus (Note: The regular buses do have wheelchair lifts.) Provides transportation to: Anywhere in Franklin County Cost: Varies from $3.50 to $5.00; monthly passes available. How to obtain: Go to the website to download an application and for details on fares, reservations, riding tips and more. Eligible customers must obtain an ADA photo ID issued by COTA before riding. Must schedule an appointment with the Mobility Coordinator by calling above number.

Yellow Cab of Columbus (614) 444-4444; www.yellowcabofcolumbus.com Eligibility: Anyone Provides transportation to: Anywhere. This listing is included in this Guide because this cab company has accessible cabs that can accommodate someone in a wheelchair. Cost: Varies, How to apply: Call



Are there places to eat that we can walk to, or do we need a car?

There is one restaurant inside the hotel and in-room dining available.  There are numerous restaurants within a square mile of the hotel. Many are located right across the street from the hotel in Easton Town Center.     There is also a trolly that can be used to get to the different locations in the area.



Are there places to shop?

Yes, at the AMCSI Store!

Find all sorts of shops, high end boutiques, and restaurants to enjoy, literally steps away from Easton Town Center. More information is online at http://www3.hilton.com/en/hotels/ohio/hilton-columbus-at-easton-CMHCHHF/attractions/index.html

Grocery Stores:

Trader Joes 3888 Townsfair Way, Columbus, OH 43219

Target 4199 Morse Crossing, Columbus, OH 43219

Costco 3888 Stelzer Rd, Columbus, OH 43219

Whole Foods Market 4100 Easton Gateway Dr, Columbus, OH 43219


If you have any questions regarding the 13th Annual AMCSI Conference, please don’t hesitate to contact AMCSI at AMCOhio18@gmail.com.

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