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Past Mini Meet-ups

FORT BELVOIR, VA | August 13th

"We had a great day. It was excellent weather.There were 10 AMC families in total. We had families from Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island and New York! We had a face painter/magician/balloon artist donate his time. A licsenced MT gave out massages to all our our AMCER's plus some extra. My friend rebecca a Tastefully Simple consultant donated all of the snacks and desserts." -Alanna

Ohio | December 4, 2010

Greenville, South Carolina | October 9, 2010

Greenville's AMC mini meet up was a success!!! We had a wonderful turnout!!! Met 4 new AMC families !!!! 10 AMC families in all!!! Chris Hartwick did our face painting and Jessi Spring (Sadie's Mom) entertained the kids with her balloon animals! We had a Yummy Spread of food that Jessi's family and I put together for our picnic and the kids had a ton of Halloween crafts that they enjoyed! Many of the families thanked us for doing this so close - We had 4 families drive 4 - 5 hours to be with us!

San Antonio, Texas | October 9, 2010


Hayden, Alabama | October 16, 2010

They had 5 families in attendance from Alabama and Georgia!

Taunton, Massachusetts | November 13, 2010

Los Angeles, California | March 6, 2011

Westerville, Ohio | May 14th, 2011

Greenville, South Carolina | May 28th, 2011

Taunton, Massachusetts | June 4, 2011

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