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AMC Chat session will be held every Thursday at 8pm Eastern and 8pm Pacific.

Please read chat rules below before entering


AMCSupport has a lot of active members who chat weekly. We have members coming from all around the US and some countries with a wide range of personal experiences and backgrounds. This diversity provides an incredible resource to our members. However, it can also lead to misunderstandings and conflict, as to be expected with any group of people. Therefore, we have compiled a set of rules which we expect everyone to support.

By logging into our chat room, you agree to abide by these rules. We reserve the right to immediately terminate or suspend access to our chat rooms and membership from the group for conduct that we believe interferes with anyone's support and safety.

The misrepresentation of ANY member's persona (or 'self') will not be tolerated under ANY circumstances.

This includes, but is NOT limited to the following:

• Using pictures that are NOT of you and claiming them as your own, contributing false statements to the diagnosis and/or severity of your disability.

• Flaming, lurking, harassment, verbal abuse of another member, spamming and advertisements are prohibited.

• Please check all drama and personal issues with other members at the door before entering the chat.

• We have a zero tolerance policy to harassment and drama oriented game playing.

• Be careful of sarcasm, as it is easily misunderstood in the absence of tone of voice or expression cues.

• Please do not use abusive or obscene language

• If you are annoyed or harassed by a member, please make use of the ignore feature by right clicking on their name and highlighting Ignore.

• Please be respectful to each member chatting.

• If we get a busy in chat - please always welcome the new chatters and ask if they have a question or concern.

• Stay on topic. The chat room is for AMC discussions ONLY.

• Please choose a username and stick with it. This will help us get to know who you are.

• If you have a problem in chat or an issue with a member please let your chat room moderators know.

Click here for to see commonly used abbreviations in the chatroom.

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