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Arthrogryposis: A Text Atlas by Dr. Lynn Staheli, Dr. Judith Hall and Dr. Kenneth Jaffe

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Find it in one of the following libraries:
Note: Google the names of these University's to find the location of their respective libraries for access to the book.

• New York University | Medical School Library
• University of Michigan at Ann Arbor | Medical School
• University of Washington
• University of Florida
• University of California
• Tarrant County College Library at the South Campus in Ft. Worth, TX
• The Ohio State University
• Wright State University

Find it in one of the following hospitals:
Note: they may or may not let you borrow it or photocopy it.

• Phoenix Children's Hospitals

Do you have a text atlas?

Have a Text Atlas lying around collecting dust? Consider donating it to AMCSI for other parents to use or find another family close to you via the forums and loan it to them.

Just a Krooked Kid by Goodwin Hale

An Autobiography of a man born in 1931 with Arthrogryposis


Thank my Lucky Scars by Ward Foley

An Autobiography of a man with Arthrogryposis


God Didn't Make Me a Woman Because I Have Enough Problems Already by Ward Foley

An Autobiography of a man with Arthrogryposis


A Child of Promise by Cheryl Green

An Autobiography of a woman with Arthrogryposis



Bartholomew's Gift

The story of the a musician with Arthrogryposis


A Day with Theresa: An Adult with Arthrogryposis


Coping with Arthrogryposis: A Parent's Perspective

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AMC Documentary

A Documentary is being made about living with Arthrogryposis.


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