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Letter Writing

Write letters to family, friends, businesses, explain AMC, and AMCSI's mission and ask for donations. Holiday time is an especially good time to do this since people are already in a giving mood and many are thinking about year end charitable giving.

For help visit this webpage http://www.fund-raising-ideas-center.com/fundraising-letter.html

Marathon walk/runs

Running a marathon, half-marathon or participating in pilgrimage? Send out letters asking for donations of support!

"Change" for AMC

Ask a few people to save their change for a few months for AMCSI.

Skip-A-Meals/Hungry for Support

Send letters asking that for one day (or more if someone is inclined), individuals "skip a meal" and instead of spending money on the meal, donate those funds to AMCSI, i.e., $5 to AMCSI instead of buying lunch.

Dress Down Day

At your place of work or at your child's school, consider a "Dress Down" or "Blue Jeans" Day where employees or students can pay a few dollars to wear casual clothing. The money would then be donated to AMCSI.

Soda can and/or soda can tabs

In areas where it's available, collect soda cans or soda can tab tops and bring to recycling center or grocery store to trade for funds (generally get paid by weight). Extra idea: this is a great project for students.

They can create fliers to post around town and hand out asking for the cans to be saved to be picked up by them at a later specified time to benefit AMCSI.

Fishing, bowling, golf etc.. Tournament

Put together a tournament in your area for more info on how to do this go to http://www.fundraiserhelp.com/golf-tournament-fundraiser.htm or http://www.fundraiserinsight.org/articles/golftournamentfundraiser.html

Craft Fair

Plan a craft fair where vendors pay admission into the location and offer to donate a percentage of their revenue to AMCSI.

Give a Buck Fundraiser

This fundraising idea is similar to the to the sales they have in stores during different holidays such as St. Patrick's Day where organizations will sell paper shamrocks for a dollar. You print the donor's name on the shamrock and it's hung up in the store for all to see!

You can cut out Blue footprints for AMCSI and ask local businesses to sell them for us.

This would be perfect if you own your own business or a friend or family members business!

Flamingo Flocking

This is a relatively easy fundraiser for any size group to put together because it requires very little effort to keep it going.

The basic fundraising idea involves deploying a flock of pink plastic flamingoes in someone's yard or outside a business entrance.

A note is left explaining that the person or business has been selected by someone to be "flocked" for a good cause. And, it then goes on to explain that they will have to pay $10 (or whatever price you decide) per flamingo to have them relocated.

The fun part is that each flocking victim then gets to pick the next victim. The flocking process continues for the duration of the fundraising event.

Of course, you will always run into a few killjoys who don't see either the humor or the good cause behind the flocking.

When that happens, you just remove the birds, have the previous recipient select a new victim.

Mondo Yard Sale

A fundraising event that doesn't cost a lot is having a "Mondo Yard Sale," usually coordinated as a group effort and conducted in a high traffic location. With any yard sale, advance publicity is as easy as putting up signs advertising the event.

Have your supporters (family, friends etc) scavenge their closets, attics, and garages for unwanted items.

A multi-family yard sale like this will draw Saturday morning shoppers in droves, so be ready to start early.

Expect your first customers at the proverbial crack of dawn. Having a good mix of items is helpful as not all your buyers will be searching for the same things. Popular items include furniture, tools, clothing, and toys.

You can increase your donations, volunteers, and net proceeds by offering a percentage split to donors of large ticket items.

They get rid of the old lawn mower and when it sells for $40, they keep $20.

Don't forget to engage in a little give and take with your customers.

Part of the fun of a yard sale is bargain hunting, so make sure all your sellers understand the art of making the deal.

Let all the customers know what percentage of the proceeds will be given to AMCSI.

Bake Sales

You and your friends/family bake "goodies" and sell them for AMCSI

Iron Man Miniature Golf Tournament

Reserve a miniature golf course for your fundraising event. Have each person in your group that will play ask people to sponsor them per hole they play. (.10¢ per hole.) Then, run the tournament just like an Iron Man competition except you play on the miniature golf course. Play 100 holes in two hours or as many as you can do in two hours. You can raise $100.00 by just getting 10 people to sponsor them at .10¢ per hole.

Gas Station Attendant Fundraising

Ask a local gas station to let you pump customers gas and wash their windshields. You can either ask for an unspecified fundraising donation or a set amount (you will do better without a set amount). Since most stations are now self service you will be offering the customers a welcome option. It's a win-win situation. It doesn't cost the station a cent and their customers get premium service. You'll get a few cheapskates but most customers will "treat you right"! You have no upfront cost. The gas stations already have the windshield cleaner, squeegees and paper towels. You just provide warm bodies and elbow grease.

Bowling For Bucks

A bowling fundraiser is another fun way to raise funds. The group event is simple to put together. Simply arrange with a bowling alley to rent a group of lanes, or the entire building, and start soliciting teams.

One way to raise a lot of funds is to charge a large entry fee for each foursome, for example, $60 each. Obviously, if you're going to charge that much to play, you'd better make it a lot of fun.

Another way to fundraise is to do a bowling marathon and get as many participants as possible to come in and bowl. In exchange for a reasonable donation, of course.

To help cover expenses, you can also charge a small admission fee for spectators. Encourage families to attend by offering free tokens for the game room.

Group Dinner

A group dinner involves organizing a group meal, usually at a restaurant although it can be potluck/buffet style as well.

Many restaurants are glad to host your get together and provide standard meal service while "rebating" back to your nonprofit organization roughly 15% of the total tab for your group's meals.

Consider naming AMCSI as a Preferred Charity for a Special Occasion

Wedding: Getting married and unsure what favors to provide? How about making a donation to AMCSI in honor of your guests? Include a beautiful note on every table letting your guests know that in their honor, you chose to make a donation to AMCSI in lieu of party favors.

Birth Announcement: Oh, the joy of a new baby! Whether that child has been diagnosed with AMC or not, you can include a note in the birth announcement asking that you would be especially touched to know that a donation was made to AMCSI in your baby's honor in place of a gift someone was thinking to give.

Winter Holidays: Need a good gift idea in the season of giving? How about a donation to AMCSI? A festive note indicating a donation was made to AMCSI makes a great stocking stuffer and is meaningful gift for any holiday.

Memorial Gift: It is never easy to say good-bye to a loved one at any time, but there is a saying that the best way to honor those passed is to take care of those living. Why not celebrate the life of someone departed by making a difference for those who are living with AMC? Ask those who want to do something during this time to make a donation to AMCSI in your loved ones memory to keep their spirit of giving alive.

Other Occasions: Birthdays, anniversaries, anniversaries of death, retirement, promotion, or new job. Turn any milestone or life event into a reason to support AMCSI.

Thank you for your help!

*Non-profit organizations have to follow laws for fundraising, especially for a raffle or game of chance.

Laws vary by state, and sometimes by counties or cities depending on the state. If you do not follow the law while conducting a fundraiser for AMCSI, you may put our organization in jeopardy of losing its non-profit status or subject AMCSI to fines all while trying to help our cause!

If you have any questions or any ideas you want to add, please email bod@amcsupport.org.

For more fundraising ideas, go to:



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