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Forum Rules

To help preserve the flow of the boards and protect our members we do have certain guidelines that we ask all to follow. We may at any time, without notice make modifications to the guidelines; it will be your responsibility to review these guidelines to keep up with such revisions. Access to amcsupport is subject to the guidelines listed below, by accessing this site you agree to these rules and guidelines.

1) Posts containing the following will not be tolerated:

• Negative remarks about our children and/or families
• Negative remarks regarding race, religion, or choice of lifestyle
• Doctor or Therapist Bashing (Others may have a totally different opinion about the same doctor/therapist)

2) Attacks on members through posts on the board, email or private messages will not be tolerated. You may express opposing viewpoints but we want our members to feel safe from mistreatment.

3) Disruptive posts on the board, private messages, or email will not be tolerated. AMCSUPPORT is a supportive community. Any posts made or messages sent in an effort to upset members, or to simply be disruptive to our group cohesion, will not be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to, insulting or belittling others and spreading gossip or fueling arguments.

4) The use of foul and/or inappropriate language will not be tolerated.

5) Copying of personal information from our site or private messages is strictly not allowed! Personal Information includes but is not limited to: the use of member's name (username or actual name) or other private information, copy/pasting information from our site or private messages without permission from the original poster, screen shots from our site or private messages and/or use of information from our site or private messages for personal use without permission.

6) All photographs are the exclusive property of the members of AMCSUPPORT.ORG. Our photos are protected under international copyright laws. They are made available for your personal viewing and educational purposes only. The photographs may NOT be copied, reproduced, redistributed, manipulated, projected, used or altered in any way. All photos published by amcsupport.org are published with special permission from parent or guardian.

7) Advertisements, solicitations, and fundraising are prohibited*

The AMC support forums are not a place for commerce.

Posts that violate the guidelines will be removed and subjected to Board of Director review. Members will be notified of violations, and repeat offenders will have their accounts suspended.

*Fundraising posts for AMCSI are allowed provided they meet the following guidelines:

The use of any letterhead or item with Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita Support, Inc.(AMCSI) and or our logo (Abby's feet prints) HAS to be approved by the AMCSI Board of Directors

Typically, states exercise regulatory authority over nonprofits based on one (or both) of two premises: the nonprofit is physically present in the state (e.g., has an office, owns real estate, or conducts program activities) or the nonprofit raises funds in the state. Failure to register before soliciting is a violation of law and could subject the organization to substantial fines and / or sanctions. States generally wish to encourage honest efforts to comply with registration laws and tend to employ sanctions only when enforcement officials deem it necessary. So, an organization able to demonstrate its good faith by promptly registering after discovering its obligation (albeit tardily) , stands a good chance of avoiding or minimizing sanctions.

The bottom line is that if you plan to solicit funds on behalf of AMCSI in any state (except Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Montana, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Vermont, Wyoming), you must register! A Standardized Registration Form for Nonprofit Organizations © Under State Charitable Solicitation Laws must be completed, (usually known as a Charitable Solicitation Registration or a URS Form - actual title varies from state to state) MUST be submitted to that state's Attorney General or State Charities Official. For most states filing is required on an annual basis.

If you are planning a fund raiser for AMCSI of ANY kind Please let us know ASAP by emailing: bod@amcsupport.org (include both your member name, your real name, and your state) so that we may file the appropriate paper work and/or fees with your state (if we do not qualify for an 'exemption' to do so).

If you live in: Arkansas - Colorado - Florida - Georgia - Mississippi - North Dakota - Oklahoma - Tennessee - Utah - Washington - or West Virginia and plan to conduct a fund raiser for AMCSI contact: bod@amcsupport.org ASAP as these states require supplementary information in conjunction with their registration form.

Please report violations of the guidelines to the Board of Directors by emailing bod@amcsupport.org.

AMCSI reserves the right to restrict private and/or block access to the boards, without prior notice, for violations of the above guidelines. We will make every effort to issue warnings and solve problems before this becomes necessary.

AMCSI BOD reserves the right to ban members who repeatedly violate the above guidelines.

Any actions taken by moderators and/or board members in an effort to enforce the guidelines will be subjected to BOD review.

Lurker Notice

It is policy of this group to promote support, friendship and have fun.

We are protective of the private/sensitive information exchanged on this group and do not allow the general public to view our messages. It is essential to be interactive and maintain a good rapport with the other members. If you have 0 posts for 30 days or a month has passed since your last post- you may be considered a "lurker" and will automatically banned from the group. If you wish to remain in good-standing and maintain your membership with this group, it is requested that you post on a fairly regular basis. Update about your family, vent, tell us about a event, or just say hi!


When posting on AMCSupport please be aware that this is a public forum. Do not post personal information about yourself (ie last name, address, phone number). If for some reason a member should choose to delete their account from AMCSUPPORT, we will not be responsible for removing any pictures, posts, or other personal information from the forums. When you register we do collect your email address and member name. You will receive our monthly newsletter via email. We may also email you periodically to announce site updates or if there is a violation of the above guidelines.


AMCSI, it's Board of Directors, administrators, moderators and/or members cannot assume responsibility or liability for the content, information, links and/or other items within our site and cumulative sites linked therein. Statements or opinions expressed within the discussion boards are not necessarily those of AMCSI, it's BOD, administrators, moderators and/or members. Any material on AMCSUPPORT is for informational and/or entertainment purposes only. Material on our site should not take the place of a qualified professional.

Our discussion board is free for all to use. However, running the site does cost money; occasionally we will raise money to pay fees associated with maintaining and adding to the board (renewal for hosting the site is due April 25th. Donations are always appreciated; the Make A Donation button on the main page of amcsupport.org may be used to contribute financially to the site at any time.

We would like to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for making this site a wonderful outlet for all who join!

AMCSI Board of Directors

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