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Adaptive Equipment

Mom's Third Arm and Travel High Chair

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Designed in Italy, the TravelSeat weighs only 7lbs and folds compactly for easy travel and storage. It is for use on table tops up to 4" thick with up to a 6" skirt and is for children up to 37lbs. It has a removable, washable, thickly padded seat made with woven fabrics. The rubberized hippo grips that won't mark tables or pinch fingers. A 3 pt safety harness and carry bag are also included. Simply push the locking system up and your done. It's that simple!

• For Children: 6-36 months, up to 37lbs.
• Lightweight: only 7 lbs.
• Folds compactly for storage.
• Easy to carry and transport.
• Comes with its own nylon travel bag.
• Removable, washable seat.
• Padded seat cushion for added comfort.
• 3-Point safety belt system.
• New universal locking system.
• New double secure system.
• Some minor assembly required.
• Includes adorable hippo handle.
• Available in: Oxford, Explorer and Canary

Mouth Sticks

Straight Wand Mouth Stick
Use as a typing stick and a page turner. Weighs 1 oz. Not bendable.

Clamp-On Mouth Stick
Securely holds pen, pencil, paintbrush, chalk or similar tools, which are then controlled by the mouth. Adjusts with thumbscrew locknut at distal end to vary angle and diameter up to 1/2".

Vertical Pincher Mouth Stick
A tongue-controlled pincher used to insert paper into a typewriter or printer. Tension adjusts, using a replaceable rubber band, to lift heavier objects.

Wand Mouth Stick with Bend Adapter
This lightweight (1 oz.) plastic mouth stick bends to desired angle. The distal end has a thermoplastic rubber bumper, and the shaft is anodized aluminum. Includes an extra pair of protective thermoplastic rubber sleeves for bite plate.

Ladder: Standing and Pulling



Bath Seat

For a child who can sit, but still needs a little extra help especially when the bath can be slippery. You can find at Babies R Us.

Door Opener and Light Pull Chain

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Watch the video below to see how both the door opener and light pull chain work:

Handicapped Placard

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